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Feather tops come in an array of styles and colors for you. Our elegant, yet striking feather rave tops are the key to making a statement wherever you go. From peacock to ostrich feathers, these beauties display a stunning row of rich solids or cascading colors for perfect contrast. The lace back design adds to the already very feminine touch of the feather tops. Sizing is a breeze considering one size fits all. The crop top style keeps the look posh, yet sexy. Some show a little more skin than others, so you can decide how risqué you wish to feel. We have L.A. fashion brand BeWicked to thank for their fantastic feather top designs. After browsing our feather tops, take a peak at our feather skirts for the ultimate festival outfit.

Not to state the obvious, but these feather tops belong on the fashion runway and you know it. We can totally imagine Kate Moss rockin’ out in one. She probably raves (inappropriate drug rumor joke sorry)… Just our guess! Anyway, it is strangely rare to see a feather top at a festival. Be the brave and stylish woman who breaks the mold. Our feather tops for raves will have you flying high, whatever that means to you. Better yet, get your group of rave babes to all sport the look together! Can you imagine? A flock of hotties will definitely attract the paparazzi at some point. Birds of a feather flock together so flutter free beautiful people!