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Rave bottoms are taken to a whole new level at RaverSwag. We understand how important the perfect raver bottom is to you, so we give you endless options. Categories include:

-- Booty shorts
-- Bikini bottoms
-- Tutus
-- Feathered skirts
-- Rompers
-- Leggings

With choices like these, you’ll be sure to find rave bottoms that you love. Explore through brands like BodyZone Apparel, J. Valentine, and Little Black Diamond for your favorite bottoms for raves. Rave bottoms display the booty, and therefore it’s crucial that you put your best foot, or cheek, forward. For those of you who know you have what the world wants to see, our booty shorts and bikini bottoms are calling your name. Want more coverage? No problem. Click on the tutus or feathered skirts. These raver bottoms will create mystery and keep them guessing, all while adding edge to your ensemble. The biggest teaser of all would be the leggings. You can understand why. Skin tight rave bottoms that show no skin. Classy, yet sexy.

These women’s rave bottoms can also be used for more than just raves. Party people are always getting invited to all types of social events and gatherings. Multiple outfits are always needed. First world problems, perhaps? The bright side is that you can use these raver bottoms to create outfits for pool parties, costume parties, work parties, fraternity or sorority parties, and more! Mix and match according to the occasion. Whatever the reason, always look good and feel good.