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Before you get your rave on, make sure you get your rave gear. And what exactly does that include? Well, all the rave stuff your little rave mind can imagine - accessories to help you roll all night long. If you love EDM clothing and accessories, welcome.


Whoever claimed that fanny packs are out is clearly a fool. Next time you’re at a rave, look around and you’ll find that our trusty fannies are very much IN indeed. What’s not to love about the fanny pack - especially the ones made for raves? Our fanny packs aim to do one thing - to hold your rave stuff so you can PARTY.


Rave the night away in a fresh furry hood in all different styles and color. Super fuzzy leopard? Check. Neon colored spirithood? Check. Light up LED and glow fur? Oh yeah. Bring out your animal side at the next music festival you rage at.


The brightness that happens at raves rivals that of the sun itself, so it’s no wonder that rave shades are always in high demand. That’s great, because all we want is more fun rave stuff - and more excuses to wear colorful accessories! Unlike shades that are meant to hide you from the sun, rave shades are meant to make you stand out in the light. Sunglasses made specifically for your partying pleasure.


There is no such thing as too many pretty lights, and that’s what diffraction infused rave sunglasses are for. As far as rave gear is concerned, diffraction glasses make the “must have” cut. It’s probably hard to imagine how much sweeter your visual rave experience would be if you only had a pair of diffraction prism lense glasses, but trust us, it can and does get even better.


Work in a splash of color to go with your rave gear with Hair Chalk! It’s the raver girl’s answer to temporary hair color, and it’s way less messier than liquid hair dye! This way, you get all the rainbow brightness without the fuss. Super easy. Super colors.


No one ever realizes how much hard work partying actually is. It totally takes a toll on you if you’re not careful. The geniuses of rave world have invented stuff like Rave Aid to help you get through those inevitable “day afters.” With the help of this stuff, you could rave for days on end, my friends. Days.


If you want to be noticed at the rave, you need the gear that's got your back. Enter light up snapback hats, made from EL wire, LED lights, only the best stuff. Rock these babies at your next festival and make your rave outfit come to life. Get electric and rave like there's no tomorrow.