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Hats & Snapbacks

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Hats & Snapbacks 

Rave hats always keep your swag game strong. We have great options for you, including neon snapbacks, light up raver hats, and specialty costume hats. Brands like Electric Styles and Olive & Pique help you upgrade your style with some dope designs. Our rave hats are one size fits all with customizable notches to adjust to your head.

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  • Light Up Snapbacks
    Light Up Snapbacks

    Light up hats display your love for EDM even in the dark! Bright, colorful EL wire is embroidered on all of our light up snapbacks. Designer Light It Up Clothing knows what’s up when it comes to hats that light up. Choose from two light modes depending on how intense you want your hat to look. Keep the light steadily on for a chill, yet cool vibe, or have it blink like a strobe when you wanna get a little cray cray. The people around you even get their own personal light show by just looking your way. These light up snapbacks are powered by one AAA battery that is conveniently hidden inside the hat. It will last you about 8-12 hours per battery, which is plenty of time to keep the rage alive. Our light up hats are one size fits all with adjustable notches to best fit your head. Browse all of our snapbacks that light up and choose which word or style catches your eye.

    Our main goal here is to help you best express yourself while looking fly AF. Sure, any rave hat will do you good, but light up hats give your outfit that extra kick. It’s not all about what other people think, however you can rave with extra confidence knowing that your style is on point. The word options on our light up hats display more of who you are. Do your thing and let them know what you stand for, my friends.

  • Specialty Hats
    Specialty Hats

    Neon hats are a raver’s go-to when it comes to accessorizing. You can never have too much color and our neon colored hats are a fun way to show that you love to party. One size fits all with notches that are customizable to your head size. Choose from a selection of turn up words or badass designs. Our neon hats have styles for both men and women. Also, just because it looks like it’s made for a particular gender doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. Dudes, if you want to rock a neon pink snapback then do it. Nobody will stop you and real men can pull off pink, right? Girls, throw on that neon green snapback and call it a day. These neon hats also make great gifts for anybody in your rave family!

    Be the life of the party and wear your neon colored hats to raves, parties, pools, social events and anywhere else that fun people gather. Made to rage, our neon hats are okay with getting wet in the pool or sweating balls at a rave. The breathable back helps you cool off, while the bill keeps sun or sweat out of your eyes. You can switch it up and wear these neon colored hats front, sideways or backwards. It just depends on your mood vibes that day. You might want to get more than one for word variety. Wherever you are, make your mark and keep the dance music party alive and raging!