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Hey there, dancing queen. Get excited about your rave look. Bright, shiny, glowy, fluffy - yes, yes, yes, and yes. You won’t need to look anywhere else to put together rave outfits. Sexy tops, colorful tutus, wings, fluffies, and all the girly rave clothing that you could ever want. This is no time or place to be shy. You’re here to hit it big.


There’s some unwritten rule about how the school girl look always has been and always will be iconically hot. No one can explain it but we all love it, don’t we? So you go on and get proper with a proper school girl plaid skirt. Top it off with a tiny button-up shirt. Neon pig tails? Oh you’re already way ahead of us.


You know you love the bright and shiny part of all this. Need a really awesome top for the rave? Dress up your best features with a Light Up Bra. It GLOWS. Look at all those colors, shapes and designs. It’s like a bra from the future. Rave outfits like this are super fun to rock. Get ready to light up the night!


They say that neon reached its peak in the 80’s. But as far as ravers are concerned, neon is here now - and here to stay. EDM raves wouldn’t be the same without neon bikinis and the ladies who dare to bare them. Raverswag has bikini tops and bikini bottoms in all colors and all designs so you can create the neon rave outfit of the century.


Every raver girl needs a rave tutu. How else do you get your twirl on? Dance around in a pretty little tutu once, and you’ll never want to rave without one again. What’s your rave tutu style? Rainbow? Sequin? Suspenders? Ever worn a light up tutu? Well, there’s a first for everything.


Feathers aren’t just for birds. They’re for girls who rave. What would you rather add to your rave outfits? A sexy top? Or a sexy top with feathers? Obviously there’s no contest when you have the option of shaking your feathers around like that. We can’t promise that you’ll fly if you wear them, but we can promise that you’ll look fantastic.


At a rave, there is no shame in shaking your tail feathers - especially if you’re wearing Raverswag feather bottoms. It’s like what a sexy Pocahontas would wear. Nothing brings out the tribal raver princess like feather bottoms. And check this out - they come in every color!


As a rave fairy princess, your rave outfits must include feather wings - no excuses! How else will you fly away into your magical world? Whether you’re a good little fairy or a bad little fairy, you’ll find feather wings that will totally bring your whole look together. Go as an angel, cupid, butterfly - or whatever creature you really are inside.


Everyone gets a little extra excited when we talk about furry glow fluffies, otherwise known as furry, fluffy leg warmers. At Raverswag, there’s no limit to what you can do when you add furry glow fluffies to your rave outfits. They’re such a trip. Get some in fiery red glow. Get some in neon blue glow. Just get some. 

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