Hey there, dancing queen. Get excited about your rave look. Bright, shiny, glowy, fluffy - yes, yes, yes, and yes. You won’t need to look anywhere else to put together rave outfits. Sexy tops, colorful tutus, wings, fluffies, rave booty shorts, neon crop tops, and all the girly rave clothing that you could ever want. T...

  • Tops

    Rave tops are necessary for the dance music lifestyle. The best thing about our raver tops is that they are great for numerous occasions. Whether it’s a festival, pool party, or any other place where dance music thrives, you can arrive confidently knowing your EDM fashion is on point. Brands such as BeWicked, BodyZone and Electric Styles keep your rave tops fun and fashionable. We have a huge variety of styles and colors in our rave top collection. These styles include: Bras, Crop Tops, Tank Tops, Bikini Tops, Feather Tops, Rompers, and more!

    With options like this, you will surely find tops for raves that you love. Not only that, but you will have every color of the rainbow to choose from. Browse our rave top section and don’t be afraid to try something new. If you always wear tank tops or bras, try out a romper or feathered top. Our goal is to simplify your shopping experience and provide rave tops that best express you.

    Whether you choose to keep your rave top on or off, it is up to you. No judgments here. Self-expression is encouraged. Maybe make sure to have pasties on just in case? Or not, who cares it’s your life! Speaking of doing whatever you want, don’t forget that our rave tops can be used as life tops. Express your love for EDM anytime, anywhere. Do it for the love of life and for the love of dance music!
  • Bottoms

    Rave bottoms are taken to a whole new level at RaverSwag. We understand how important the perfect raver bottom is to you, so we give you endless options. Categories include: Booty Shorts, Bikini Bottoms, Tutus, Feathered Skirts, Rompers, and Leggings!

    With choices like these, you’ll be sure to find rave bottoms that you love. Explore through brands like BodyZone Apparel, J. Valentine, and Little Black Diamond for your favorite bottoms for raves. Rave bottoms display the booty, and therefore it’s crucial that you put your best foot, or cheek, forward. For those of you who know you have what the world wants to see, our booty shorts and bikini bottoms are calling your name. Want more coverage? No problem. Click on the tutus or feathered skirts. These raver bottoms will create mystery and keep them guessing, all while adding edge to your ensemble. The biggest teaser of all would be the leggings. You can understand why. Skin tight rave bottoms that show no skin. Classy, yet sexy.

    These women’s rave bottoms can also be used for more than just raves. Party people are always getting invited to all types of social events and gatherings. Multiple outfits are always needed. First world problems, perhaps? The bright side is that you can use these raver bottoms to create outfits for pool parties, costume parties, work parties, fraternity or sorority parties, and more! Mix and match according to the occasion. Whatever the reason, always look good and feel good.

  • Girl's Accessories
    Girl's Accessories

    Rave gear for women should have its own closet entirely. We help you broaden your festival fashion with fun and unique accessories that will have your outfits be the talk of the town! Tops and bottoms always need to be on point, but a girl’s rave gear is what sets her apart. Browse through our rave gear for women to go above and beyond. Our rave gear for girls include: Eyelash Kits, Costume Wigs, Headbands & Flower Crowns, Hair Color Chalk, Hello Kitty Accessories, and more!

    Eyelash kits in our rave gear for women section will make the world of a difference when you lock eyes with your future husband. It’s our fairy tale to fall in love at a rave and will most likely happen during a trance set. Just saying. Anyway, for the brave beauties out there, neon wigs are a must. You will be in awe when you see our wig selection in rave gear for women. Go ahead and live the mermaid life you’ve always dreamed of. You can even be a unicorn. Yes, a unicorn. Headbands and flower crowns are also great hair accessories in our rave gear for girls category, whether you choose simple shimmer or a pretty daisy flower halo. You can always count on a headband to keep your hair in place as well. Hair color chalk is where it’s at if you want to display your amazing art ability. Okay, or if you just want your hair to look sick AF. Go at it however you want because you are both the artist and the canvas. Lastly, a special section dedicated to Hello Kitty? Need we say more about our women’s rave gear right meow?

  • Legwear

    Rave legwear changes your look from plain to insane. Our large variety of designs and colors will assist you in completing the perfect outfit. Explore our women’s legwear collection, which includes: Fluffies (aka furry leg warmers), Fringe Leggings, Leg Wraps, Hosiery & Garters!

    Appropriate for numerous occasions, our rave legwear will be your finishing touches on any outfit or costume idea. Every color of the rainbow is available to you, which makes matching a breeze. Our favorite part about legwear for raves is it gives you a chance to enhance the look of your female figure. Sure, your bare legs look good as all hell on their own, but why not accessorize them with rave legwear to better your ensemble? Fluffies are the staple legwear for raves and we have tons of different styles, such as solids, stripes, prints and light ups. Fringe leggings are the hot eye-catchers that can be worn over fluffies or look just as good on their own. Leg wraps are convenient since they will always be customizable to your liking. Twist, tie, and wrap away. Hosiery and garters are for the risqué. Swoop these alluring rave legwear styles on for instant sex appeal. Whatever your look needs, count on our girl’s legwear to get the job done.

    The moral of the story is: Legs are people too. Okay, they don’t have a mind of their own, but they also deserve to be dressed up. We give all the attention to the boobs and booty. Legs are hella pissed about it.

  • Outfits