Furry hoods allow you to be any person, animal, or crazy creature you wish! We have animal hoods, neon hoods, and light up hoods for you to choose from. Our hoods are made with extremely soft faux fur. In fact, they’re so soft that your fellow ravers might cop a fur hood feel while passing by. In a friendly way, of course. Our furry hoods have a...

  • Light Up Hoods
    Light Up Hoods

    Light up fur hoods are game changers. Ravers rock fur hoods all the time, but now is the time to take it up a notch with an LED hood. We have different designs and colors for you depending on your style. Our light up fur hoods are made with super soft faux fur and a comfortable inside lining. You won’t have to worry about any itchy feeling against your skin. Our light up fur hoods are powered by discreet battery packs that can be easily stored. You can even choose how intense you want your lights to be with multiple light up settings. Most of our light up fur hoods come with extra LED lights and replacement instructions just in case you rage a little too hard one night. It happens.

    Choose from half or full-length hoods to best enhance your outfit. The weather can also influence this decision. A full-length light up fur hood would be ideal for the cooler seasons, or when you get a little chilly at night during festivals. No more post rave shivers. A half-length light up fur hood is a little cooler during the warmer seasons, and stops at about shoulder length with spandex straps dangling down. These straps usually have pom pom balls on the end of them. Play with them, dance with them, use them as flirting techniques, etc. They’re there just for fun! If your light up fur hood gets too hot, simply rest it on your shoulders and cool off. They include shoulder straps that keep the hood attached while it’s not on your head. Grab one of our LED hoods for your next event and rave in style!

  • Cosmic Hoods
    Cosmic Hoods
  • Animal Print Hoods
    Animal Print Hoods

    Animal hoods let you live in the wild! Choose from cute, sexy, or fierce animals that best reflect your personality. For all the spiritual beings out there, release your inner spirit animal with our furry hoods. They are made with super soft faux fur and a comfortable inner lining. That means no itchy or scratch material against your skin. These are great for both guys and girls!

    Your options include both half-length and full-length furry animal hoods. This means you are able to wear them at any time of the year. In the colder season, go with a full-length hood, which include animal paw mittens. These pockets are also great for carrying your belongings, such as a cell phone, rave shades, gloves, chapstick, vicks inhalers, etc.  For more warmth, wrap the animal hood arms around your neck like a scarf. For warmer seasons, the half-length animal hoods are the way to go. The half-length furry animal hood stops at about shoulder height and includes dangling spandex straps. They have balls at the end that you can play with. Oh, excuse us, we mean pom poms. Still too hot? Let the furry hood chill out on your shoulders while you cool down. It has shoulder straps that keep the hood attached while it’s not on your head. Both half and full length animal hoods cover your ears.

    Hair tip for girls: Never worry about messy or tangled rave hair again! Throw on an animal hood and you’re good to go all night. No hairspray necessary.
  • Neon Hoods
    Neon Hoods

    Rave hood lovers, welcome! Our rave hoods come in unique styles and colors to help express you best. Get as weird as you want and don’t be shy. Made with acrylic, polyester and soft faux fur, your rave hood is like a comfy home for your head. A soft inner lining prevents any itchy or scratchy feeling against your skin. One size fits all, and your rave hood includes shoulder straps that keep the hood attached while it’s not on your head. We understand that you’re going to start sweating balls once in a while, but no worries. Just rest your costume hood on your neck and chill out. On the contrary, it’s never fun when cold weather is killing your rave vibe. Luckily, your rave hood will cover your ears and keep your head nice and warm. Most of our rave hoods also feature long pom pom strings on each side for extra fun.

    Ravers like to get weird and our costume hoods will help you out with that. The rich, bright colors will be reason enough for you to stand out of the crowd. However, if your fellow rave peers see a wide-eyed monster, mythical creature, or a colorful dead animal look-a-like on your head, they will surely take notice. In a good way, of course. Enhance any costume or rave outfit with one of our hoods. You will be glad you chose the quirky option, rather than the basic. After choosing your favorite hood, explore our rave clothing and accessories to complete your outfit!