Rave glasses come in so many styles and colors here! You should brace yourself now because some of these will blow your mind (while shopping, but mainly at the rave). Our party shades won’t let you down with ultra durable frames and a comfortable, lightweight feel. Most of our raver glasses come with a microfiber pouch to keep them clean a...

  • Diffraction Glasses
    Diffraction Glasses

    Diffraction glasses will assist you in the best mind-blowing experiences. If you’ve already experienced them, then you feel us on this one. Our diffraction sunglasses are made with high quality tested diffraction infused lenses. With assorted color options, matching your rave attire will be a breeze. The frames on the diffraction glasses are very durable, yet you can enjoy a comfortable and lightweight feel. A complimentary microfiber pouch comes with each pair to keep your diffraction glasses clean and streak-free. These diffraction glasses go by a bunch of different names. For example, rainbow glasses, firework glasses, kaleidoscope glasses, 3D glasses, light show glasses, prism lenses, etc. Call them whatever you wish because they all give your eyes and brain the same epic visuals. Hmm, well way more than one experience if you’re addicted to festivals like we are.

    Please brace yourself in the following situations while wearing our diffraction sunglasses:

    -       Festival stage lights/effects

    -       Nightclub stage lights/effects

    -       Light shows

    -       Laser shows

    -       Fireworks

    -       Pyrotechnics

    -       Any situation with bright ass lights

    Since we are encouragers of the PLUR life, try this move out at your next festival. Sometimes noobs are easy to spot. Welcoming new ravers into our dance music world and culture is a great way to grow our amazing family. The next time you spot one, show them your diffraction rainbow glasses. Watch as they either go wild or remain still and floored. Haha either way, they will thank you for it!

  • Light Up Glasses
    Light Up Glasses

    Light up glasses make every rave outfit better! We have a great selection of styles and colors for you to choose from here. EL wire lines the light up sunglasses and is powered by batteries in discreet compartments. Some battery packs are even mounted onto one of the arms of the shades. That means no dangling wires! Most of our light up glasses have clear lenses so you can see clearly during the night, without tripping over fellow ravers laying in the grass. We have all done that at some point. Choose how intense you want your EL wire glasses to be with multiple light up modes: on, slow blink, and fast blink, etc. The battery life lasts about 6-8 hours depending on the light up mode. Browse our selection and electrify your next festival outfit.

    These EL wire sunglasses are perfect for any turn up occasion. Glovers, light up glasses will make your lightshows look that much sicker. Just saying. Also, get your rave crew to rock these as a group and steal the spotlight. Raves are the ideal situation to wear your light up sunglasses, but don’t feel limited! Any other type of nightlife activity would work, such as nightclubs or lounges. Go ahead and be that person at the club who wears light up sunglasses. It shows you that you have no shame and know how to have a good time. Steal the spotlight and wear your light up glasses to parties. Everybody loves being the life of the party, right?!
  • Print Party Glasses
    Print Party Glasses

    Rave shades with bold, artistic and striking styles are here for you. Our printed pinhole raver shades have so many options that you will definitely want more than one pair. These rave shades have sturdy frames with see-through printed lenses. We have wayfarer and aviator frames, and they are popular for a reason. They flatter your face. We are here to make you look your best so we think about these things. Party as hard as you want because these rave shades are water proof and scratch resistant with 100% UV protection. This means they are great for day raging and raving the night away. Some of our raver shades even have glow in the dark frames. A micro fiber pouch is included with each pair to keep your rave shade lenses clean and streak-free. There are tons of designs and colors for both men and women so browse away!

    Your choice of rave shades can take your festival look to a whole new level. Whether you want to express your opinions, make a statement, or just look cool AF, there is a pair right for you. We understand that party sunglasses may seem like a small accessory, but they really can make a world of a difference! Our shades for raves can also be used for extra swag at any other social events or just in everyday life.

    Please refrain from driving with these on. We understand you look really badass with them on, but safety first!
  • Specialty Glasses
    Specialty Glasses
  • Goggles
  • Hello Kitty Glasses
    Hello Kitty Glasses