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Rave fanny pack heaven is upon you. We all know life at a rave is better with a festival fanny pack. It’s convenient, reliable, and has been an ongoing trend for party people. With our large variety of styles and colors, you’ll be able to find one that fits your look in no time. We’ve taken the rave fanny pack to another level ...

  • Backpacks

    Rave backpacks are great for hands-free raging and carrying the necessary belongings. We understand that there are size limits at most major festivals, so we fixed that issue for you. Our rave backpacks are small enough to be allowed in and big enough to fit the essentials. Choose from different printed raver backpacks and furry festival backpacks with a selection of colors. The shoulder straps are adjustable for proper fit and comfort. Some of our festival backpacks even have water bottle holders. Brilliant idea. Nobody likes being the one carrying the water bottle. These small backpacks for raves will enhance your outfit instead of cramp your style. Take a look through our rave backpacks and complete your next outfit.

    Neon festival backpacks are of good use to any party animal. Adding more neon to your ensemble is always a good idea in the dance music world. Our furry rave backpacks are fun and festive. Just simply putting the bag on is an outfit in itself. They are super soft and perfect for raves. Random people might start touching your furry bag, but you probably won’t mind. These small backpacks for raves can be used for any situation where things might get a little weird aka costume parties, underground gatherings, etc.

    But what about theft, you might ask. Most of our backpacks do not include a front pocket, which is the easiest to steal from. One main compartment is secure with a zipper on top. Some may have additional smaller side pockets. So there you have it, practical and stylish. Problems solved!

  • Neon Fanny Packs
    Neon Fanny Packs

    Neon fanny packs are necessary for every dance music fan. You probably will use your party fanny pack for nearly every event you attend. Made from high quality material, these neon fanny packs come blank or with fluorescent text. A blank neon fanny pack would be ideal for the artsy ladies who love to craft up a storm, or for the guys who enjoy a simple look. Our printed party fanny packs come with text already on it, and lets everyone know that you’re there to have a good time. Feel free to add more creativity to these as well. Each party fanny pack has three pockets total. There are two in the front, one large and one small, along with a secret pocket in the back. Yes, you know what that secret pocket is for. One size fits all with a sturdy waist strap that adjusts up to 42 inches in length. Our neon fanny packs are great rave family gifts since they work for both guys and girls.

    Who would have thought that neon fanny packs would ever make a come back? Leave it to ravers to bring back the trends. Partying really is made easier and you’ll never have to worry about losing your stuff again. Raving hands-free is also better for those dance moves you’ve wanted to show off for so long. Hardcore shuffler? No problem. Go ham in the shuffle circle because that neon fanny pack won’t leave your waist at all.

  • Guatemalan Fanny Packs
    Guatemalan Fanny Packs

    Guatemalan fanny pack collection is 100% authentic! Grab a music festival fanny pack that is handmade in Guatemala, where they create some of the most outstanding cloth patterns in the world. Our Guatemalan fanny packs come in tons of different designs and colors. All of our options are dope and look awesome on both men and women. Each music festival fanny pack comes with three pockets to store your things. Two are in the front, one large and one small, while the third is hidden in the back. How brilliant and sneaky. All pockets are zippered and secure so you can rave worry-free. Your Guatemalan fanny pack has a customizable waist strap that adjusts up to 42 inches in length for comfort and a great fit.

    The best part about a fanny pack is that there are no limits to your raging. Dance and go as crazy as you want with these. It’s such a pain for girls to have to carry a purse, or for guys to constantly check their pockets to make sure nothing fell out. A Guatemalan fanny pack will fix all that and add to your outfit style.

    We are really taking rave fashion a step further here. Honestly, these are some of the sickest fanny packs we’ve come across yet! Ravers brought back the trend, and a fanny pack from Guatemala brings even more personality into your festival style. You can rock a Guatemalan fanny pack to festivals, parties, the beach, hiking adventures, and more. They also make really great gifts for your fellow raver friends and family!
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