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EDC Las Vegas 2016 is just around the corner ladies. What are you going to wear? Have you found your perfect EDC outfit to dance under the dazzling bright rays of black lights and epic visuals of the electric sky? EDC Vegas is always the right opportunity for you to sport an imaginative and eccentric outfit among thousands of other festival attendees clothed just as eye catching as you will be.

Use this chance to express yourself by putting together something that is peculiar, flashy, crazy, lively, or simply plain ludicrous. EDC is a special event that you will find exceptional and remarkable choices of attire, so get out and inspire yourself with different Electric Daisy Carnival favorites and give those magical moments a lifetime. The truth of this event is that, whatever outfit or attire you will wear in another festival, would be well-thought-out as lifeless and mundane to what you will see at EDC. 

Well, with that said, let’s start to talk about what to wear to EDC Las Vegas 2016. You are soon going to learn some of the newest and coolest styles you can adopt for this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival. There is a great selection of outfits and clothing alongside accessories and rave toys that are perfect and appropriate to any style and budget. But, first you will want to consider the weather and climate. It all starts with the weather.

Generally, there aren’t any rules or dress code that limit on what to wear inside the festival grounds, illuminated by the LED micro lights for purposes of light shows, dust and gas masks. The weather in Las Vegas in June is historically known to have sunny temperatures approximately 100s and above. That then makes it better for you to uncover some of your skin to keep cool. 

You will perhaps never have any other great chance to dress in absolute ridiculousness with thousands of other equally dressed EDC goers. So, take advantage of this creative chance and show yourself to the entire population of Las Vegas. A plain bikini top may receive kudos at another music festival, but EDC considers this fashion as the best attempt towards a spirited wardrobe. Given that you’ve prepared for what’s certain, below are wonderful ideas to get you going for your costumes.

Girl’s EDC Las Vegas Outfit Guide


Colors are going to be essential and helpful in your task of selecting your EDC Vegas fashions. With the LED micro lights anything bright, fluorescent, neon and UV is best encouraged on the front. 


Tops serve as the centerpiece for all EDC outfits. As a girl, you are lucky to have lots of options to choose from. Whether is traditional bras, bikini tops, tank tops, halter tops, crop tops, or pasties you want to wear for this fashion event all is upon you. Remember, there are no outfit restrictions or requirements. Having a well-chosen top is essential since it is the focal point of your outfit. The most common top that girls tend to wear in the music festivals is the custom bra. So, you can do some little research on which theme or look of bra you will love to have, then go to your local crafting store and fire up an amazing hot glue gun. You can turn this into a princess, flowered, bedazzled, feathered or even a superhero style top. 

However, if you want to cover your skin a bit more, I suggest you get a cute tank or crop top. It’s in the summer and neon colors are in now, so they are available almost every place you look. Find outfit tops that are bright and pair it with some cute shorts and you will be good to go. 

Want to appear sexy and have your stomach covered? Try a corset. Pair it with some shorts and probably a tutu if you got a feeling of going raver for the electric daisy carnival outfits night. 

Some styling tips for tops

Put on layers. If it’s your first time to EDC, you’ll probably realize that it can get a little cold in the middle of the night sometimes. As you will be dancing the night away, you can then start peeling off one layer at a time, or put layers back on if it gets chilly. That is not the only thing, you can also get creative with it. 

Wear a bright bra that has a complimentary sheer or fishnet top. Both of those colors will play off one another and you will look great.

Avoid psyching yourself out. If you know you aren’t comfortable showing your skin or stomach area, then cover up. In the end, wear an outfit that makes you comfortable and happy to enjoy the EDC fashion event. 

If everything else fails, then wear a tank top and call it a day :)


I wouldn’t advise wearing just any kind of pants for the EDC outfit. It’s going to be warm all night and you are perhaps going to be running around 7 stages. So, have some cool fun with it!

Fun Tutus

One common and comfortable styles that I realized EDC Vegas loves to cover their bottom half is with a fun tutu. In fact, if this is your first EDC rave, I believe this is your best option. Hopping around while you are in one of these all night is actually something that you need to do at least once in your life. Fun tutus are usually short, so make sure that you get yourself some flashy bikini bottoms, sequins, boy shorts with words, tie dye, glitter and spandex shorts.

Spandex shorts

This is perhaps the most comfortable bottom outfit. You feel well covered to dance around and not to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. 

Colorful skirts and shorts

These are also very popular in EDC functions. Grab one in neon, ruffles, sequins or stripes. In case you aren’t into the short and tight deal, or you feel uncomfortable baring it all, don’t sweat it, this is an environment that is acceptable. Simply feel free to wear a head to toe unitard if that’s what makes your speakers bump.  

Leg Coverings & Shoes

Legs are also another part that deserve a great outfit, more importantly, it can be the best part of your EDC Vegas fashion. Perhaps you’ve witness a vast flurry leg warmers that resemble boots. They are known as fluffies, and are available in every imaginable color as well as be found in any bounty at EDC Vegas. You may also consider the traditional leg warmers that are slightly less aggressive. These can be worn up or over the thigh, whatever suits you and makes you comfortable. You can also extend to the category of leg wraps or crazy cool tights. And a must packing list is high socks or stockings of any color. 

While the rest of your costume needs to be cooky and clear, remain with solid kicks. Come with your chucks, keds, go-go boots and vans. All in all, ensure that you wear something that’s gorgeous and comfy so you don’t miss out on all the joy and fun. If you can’t get comfy shoes that you are well with, remember that gel insoles are one of your favorite friends. Whatever you are wearing on your feet, ensure it’s comfortable, flat and something you don’t mind when stepped over. I wouldn’t recommend you wearing flip flops because your toes will be mauled. Oh, don’t wear heels! I make fun of those ladies every year. 

Accessories & Headpieces

Leg wraps, fluffies, tights and knee high socks

These add beauty to any outfit and it is all fun to wear. While it may take you some time to make yourself, learning to make a nice flower headband will be an additional style to your outfit. Any kind of headband that has flowers, jewels, braids or anything that you may think of wearing atop those EDC outfits is necessary. You might consider furry animal hats or other kind of hats, maybe even a festive wig. But, always feel free to combine your hair with glitter, color and jewels. In addition, neon sunglasses can completely make your EDC Vegas ensemble. 

Well, hope you have now learned new styles and great ideas on what to wear for your 2016 EDC Las Vegas fashion experience. If you know of any new raver that is figuring out what to wear to EDC, please share this with them :)


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