Three-Piece Suits For Guys Who Love to Party

OppoSuits™ are the best thing to hit our warehouse since glow-sticks back in ‘92

I still remember buying my very first suit. I was a sophomore in college and needed a suit for an internship interview I had coming up. I felt like such a boss when the little Asian suit dude measured me like eight times with his special measuring tape. He was quick as hell and I wondered how he even read my measurements accurately. But, whatever he did, I looked damn good in my new all-black suit. And when I wore it for that interview a week later, I killed that interview.

There’s just something about wearing a good suit that gives us a nice confidence boost.

Now, I got sick of wearing a suit pretty freaking quick at the internship, and I’m really happy I don’t have to wear a suit every day to work now... BUT, every time I do put on a suit I still feel confident and I usually kick ass at whatever I’m doing.

So, fast-forward to 2015. Although I do love how seriously good-looking I am in a nice three-piece suit, I can’t and won’t wear them that often. That’s because they’re usually so formal, and I usually try to avoid formal events. I feel most comfortable when there’s music booming in my ears from 5-foot speakers and I’m dancing like a goddamn mad man with my friends.

If there’s one (or a few) places I enjoy the way I look the most, it’s at music festivals, raves, yacht parties, house parties, and nights out on the town. I get to dress up (or down) as crazy as I want. I get to look f*cking nuts or swagged out or suave or however the hell I want. 

So today... I am pleased to announce that you can now have the confidence and devilish good looks of a suit, combined with the swagged-out look of a festival outfit with our brand new line of OppoSuits™ party suits. 

Yes, you can have it all gentlemen. The class of a suit, the freedom of short sleeves and shorts (if you choose), and the festival-forward look that comes with prints like American flag, leopard, tulip flowers, mustaches, weed leaves, and ridiculously bright neon colors.

Plus, these suits aren’t some off-brand low quality joke. They’re designed in Amsterdam of all places, by some true hash brownie-eating party bros.

  •       Full 3-piece suit with jacket, pants/shorts + tie
  •       Real pockets both inside and out, branded lining, belt loops & real buttons
  •       9 sizes, all including extra fabric in the pants to allow for tailoring if needed
  •       All designs are created in the OppoSuits state-of-the-art-in-house-design laboratory in Amsterdam
  •       100% machine washable because we hate going to the dry cleaners
  •       Priced at just $99 so even the most broke party bro can afford one


Anyway, that’s about all I can say. I’m trying to choose which one to buy first. I suggest you do the same before they sell out! 


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