20 Tips To Prepare for The Best COACHELLA Weekend of Your Life

We are officially less than two weeks out from Weekend One of Coachella 2016, so here are some tips (in no particular order) to make sure you have the most amazing weekend possible! Coachella is one of the most incredible music festivals I've ever been to, hands down, but it takes some preparation and work to do it properly. Here are 20 tips I've come up with to ensure you have one of the best weekends of your life. Enjoy :)

1. Water, water, water

Seriously. Drink lots of it. If you are camping make sure you bring more than you think you will need. If you think it’s enough, it probably isn’t, so bring more. Besides drinking, water is also great for washing your hands, pouring over your head when it’s too hot, etc.

2. Sunglasses are a must

Protect your eyes. Don’t bring your favorite pair and bring more than one because there is always the possibility that you will either lose or break them. Check out our sunglasses here.

3. Shade from the sun 

If you are camping you are going to want shade. Make sure you bring an EZ-Up or some sort of pop-up tent to keep you out of the sun while you want to relax at camp. Large tarps or tapestries also work. Whatever you can find, just make sure not too much of your camp is exposed to the sun. This is especially important for the morning, when the beaming sun rises at 7am and heats up your tent to 100 degrees.

4. Ladies, keep cool 

It’s the desert, so yes; it is extremely hot during the day! Stay cool by wearing a cute crop top with some shorts. 

5. Baby wipes and hand sanitizer

It is a total energy boost when you clean up a little bit mid-day before heading back to the festival for the night. Use them to clean your hands or wipe your face and body. Essential! 

6. Allergy medicine

It’s grass that turns to hay and dirt. Even if you think you won’t need it, bring some just in case. Don’t let your sinuses ruin your weekend, because they will. 

7. Metallic flash tattoos

If you want to accessories, but don’t want to wear a bunch of jewelry, metallic temporary tattoos are an awesome way to get the look you are going for. They go on super easy with a little bit of water, and then they last about four or five days, and they're waterproof. Add a little bit of shimmer to your outfit, you'll love them!

8. Go exploring

Don’t stick with the same music genre or only artists you know. There is always the possibility of discovering a new artist that will become your new favorite at Coachella. Try to see at least one act at each of the tents, just to check them all out at the very least!

9. Yuma

Yuma Tent is air-conditioned and has couches and places to sit. Go in there to cool off and relax every once and awhile. Plus, the music is usually AWESOME. Careful though, don't spend all day in there if you end up loving the music. The sun's only out for so long, and you'll lose track of time in Yuma!

10. Cell service sucks

Sometimes cell phone service is sketchy or your phone dies, so plan meet up spots ahead of time. Also, time stamp all your text messages like “Meet by Yuma at 12:00 p.m.” not, “Meet you in 30 mins” because they might not get that text in time and then it’s all just confusion and you’ll end up wasting time walking around looking for your friends.

11. Beat the dust

The dust can be hell. It can make your weekend go from amazing to awful. Make sure to bring a bandana to avoid the dust. and protect your lungs, we promise you won't regret it, they look great on guys and girls!

 12. Fanny packs are awesome

Backpacks can get really annoying. Not only to you, but everyone standing around you. Fanny packs are definitely the way to go. Much smaller, they hold everything you need, and they keep your figure small enough to weave in and out of the crowds without wacking people in the face every time you turn around.

 13. Free air and flushable toilets

In certain areas of the venue there are always air-conditioned bathroom trailers with flushable toilets. Last year there were some near Yuma. Can't say where exactly they'll be this year, but they are literally an oasis in the desert if you do find them!

14. Food

If you are on a budget, or just don’t want to spend all your money on food, bring lots of snacks and stuff that is easy to make. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, granola bars, etc. If you're really about it, you can bring pre-made burrito/wrap fixings (sliced meat, cheese, avocados, sliced vegetables, tortillas, etc.) pre-package them and store them in a cooler, and then make wraps for your whole camp around lunch time.

Another idea we do every year is to pre-make breakfast or regular burritos at home, package them in foil, freeze them, and then store them in a cooler at your camp. If you have a small camping grill, whip that baby out and heat up your burritos. Amazing!

15. Bro tanks

For guys, tanks are obviously the best way to stay cool without taking your shirt off. Check out these cool all over-print and graphic tanks.

16. Your trusty communication device

If you decide to charge your phone at the charging stations, put it on airplane mode so it will charge faster. Consider bringing a portable cell phone charger because it takes forever to charge your phone at the charging stations. Conserve battery by doing the usual quitting of apps, turning your location services off, and dimming your backlight. Also, try not to let your phone get too hot (don't set it out in the open if you're lounging on the grass, etc.). Your phone is your friend, so treat it nicely :)

17. Binge drinking

Drinking during the day can be dangerous because of the heat, especially if you're not used to it this time of year. If you choose to drink, just be careful and keep hydrated with lots of water. Also, drinking at your campsite can save you a ton of money. There's nothing like pre-gaming at your campsite with the squad, and then walking into the festival just as your buzz comes on. Feel free to go in and out of the venue as you please for cocktail breaks and disco naps.

18. Coachella in style

Girls, if you’re looking for a cute, fun way to stay cool without having to wear a crop top, one-pieces and rompers are perfect for that. They can be worn alone or paired with some cute shorts.

19. The Do Lab

Looking for a way to cool off? Check out The Do Lab. They spray you with water while you listen to great music. One of my favorite places on Earth. Find it!

20. Ocsid Tnelis

Two words. Silent Disco. There is no way to really explain the experience, just trust us and check it out. We usually like to go on Thursday, as there's not much else going on. Plus, on Thursday your feet are still fresh and your dance moves can't wait to show off. 



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