Diffraction Glasses: What You Need To Know for EDM Rave

What Are Diffraction Glasses?

Let’s start off with the basics, what are diffraction glasses? If you’d like a scientific explanation of what “diffraction” is, check out the definition over on Wikipedia. Basically, diffraction is the process by which a beam of light waves is dispersed as a result of passing through a grating that splits the light beam into it’s individual spectrum of colors.

So effectively, the grating, which can be thought of as the lenses on diffraction glasses, makes a single beam of white light multiply into a full rainbow spectrum of light beams. This is the main idea behind diffraction glasses and the awesome visual sensation they create for those who wear them.

What Are Diffraction Glasses Used For?

Diffraction glasses are used for a wide variety of activities, but the concept stays the same no matter where they are used. Diffraction glasses are used in situations where the surrounding area is dark but there are many light beams shining from one central location. A perfect example would be a concert where the stage is brightly lit up and the rest of the room is darker, a music festival where the stage not only has bright lights, but also LED screens, pyrotechnics and laser light shows, or even fireworks on the Fourth of July. 

Diffraction glasses would be perfect for any of the above situations because they turn an ordinary white or colored light into a gorgeous spectrum of rainbow colors. You can still see your surrounding area, but the lights will now blow your mind. This allows you to have a personal light show anywhere you go

Diffraction Glasses At The Rave

Diffraction glasses have become very popular with the rise of music festivals and EDM concerts because the stage production at these types of events is now so much better than what it used to be. These days we see huge LED panels with video and images that is timed to the music, massive laser light fields that move all over, and tons of different lights all going off at the same time. It’s a visual feast that we’ve come to love.

Diffraction glasses take it up a notch and allow us to get lost in the lights as we dance to our favorite music. Move your head up and down with the bass line when you have your glasses on and it will create a crazy diffraction effect that you have to experience. Diffraction glasses are perfect for raves.

What Are The Best Diffraction Glasses To Buy?

First of all, there are many types of diffraction. The biggest differences come from 1) the quality of the diffraction glasses, and 2) the intensity of the diffraction grating on the glasses.

Do date, I’ve tried too many diffraction glasses to count, and I can tell there is HUGE difference in quality from one pair to the next. On the low end there are glasses that simply have a super low quality layer of grated plastic stuck the lens of a pair of glasses. If you’ve ever bought these before (most of the diffraction glasses on the internet are made like this unfortunately), you know they suck. They’re cool if you’ve never seen them before, but once you actually put on a nice pair, you’ll realize you’ve been fooled. Quality diffraction glasses actually have the grating effectetched right onto the lens with a laser instrument. Not only are these much more high quality, the diffraction effect is actually a lot better too.

The quality of the actually frames of the glasses is important too. There’s nothing worse than having your glasses fall off your head when you start going ham at the rave, and before you can pick them up someone has stepped on them and broke them. Check out the quality tests we’ve done with our new line of Ultimate Diffraction Glasses from GloFX.

Next, you want to make sure you choose the right amount of“intensity” in your diffraction glasses. There is a huge range of intensity on the market today, from glasses that you put on and cannot even tell they are diffraction because they are so weak, to those that are so intense you can’t see anything except millions of rainbow stars, so much that you even get a headache.

We’ve found that our Standard Diffraction Glasses have a medium diffraction intensity level that is good for those who like the diffraction effect, but don’t like being super overwhelmed by it. Most of our glasses, including our Ultimate series and Limited Edition series have “double diffraction” intensity, that in my opinion, is perfect. It’s not too overwhelming, but it’s not too weak either. 

Check out our whole line of diffraction glasses that are perfect for raves, festival, concerts, and more. We have lots of styles to choose from, including everything from marijuana leaf print glasses to tie dye, light up diffraction glasses, Hello Kitty style and even kaleidoscope style diffraction glasses!


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