Amazing Outfit Ideas For Burning Man 2016 | Burning Man Costumes

The annual week-long ceremony of Burning Man in 2016 is around the corner, and you may be wondering what to wear with when you arrive at Black Rock City. Over the years the attendees have remained faithful to the core values of radical self-expression, and you will have to keep the culture. Because you have to shine and this temporary community festival is in the Nevada desert, the choice of Burning Man outfits may be somehow challenging. But the fact that you are going to have the time of your life is the motivation of these costume ideas for Burning Man.

Remember, the playa is scorching hot during the day and can pretty cold at night, so you want a variety of Burning Man costumes to bring out there. You want to be prepared with skimpy outfits that show a lot of skin and keep you cool during the day, and then be able to switch into some layers at night. Anything with fur an lights is very popular as soon as the sun goes down. Sunglasses, goggles, face masks and other protective gear is also important. Most of all though, get a variety of outfits that are comfortable, functional, and bring out the unique style that you represent.

Colorful Bikini Outfits

The festival is in a desert and so getting out with bikini bottoms will be a good idea. The ability of this Burning man outfit to bring out the sexy part of you augments well with self-expression. There are a wide variety of choices you have on the bikinis, but one thing, colorful should be paramount. Get your shine on with bold colors like pink that glows in the warmth of this ceremony. Show your nationalism with a bikini that has the flag and step out with confidence. 

Fancy Skirts

You may be that type of girl who is totally into skirts and would love to stick to that. Shopping for colorful and light-up skirts are what will make you stand out in your Burning Man costume. Get mesh gypsy skirts to combine the length and the party mood. If you are more of a head turner, get the furry light up skirts a trend that lots of Burning Man 2015 attendees did. If you are into miniskirts, grab a feather miniskirt to get that jungle look while keeping up the eye-dazzling. The trick in this ceremony lies in just how bold you can be and that just broadens your skirt choices for your Burning Man costume.

Matching Tops

When you think of something to complement your bottom part of the outfit, think in the direction of how memorable do you want yourself to be to every eye that will see you. Fancy crop tops can be an excellent way to stay simple. It can also be your chance to try that amazing rave bra you have been thinking of lately. Embrace the brightness of the desert by choosing a bright color for your top, whether a bikini top, crop top or a designer feather top to match your feather miniskirt.


The one-week festival is in a desert that has dust, and so you will be doing your eyes in favor if you bring along sunglasses. The protection to your eyes ensures that you don’t get uncomfortable during any day of the festival. The trend is the same here; get the design of sunglasses that best reveals how bold you are. The color and the type are at play when choosing how you step out. For instance if you had a pink gypsy skirt and a pink crop top, accentuate the look with matching pink framed sunglasses. Besides the protection, sunglasses give you that look that puts you in a particular class. Goggles are also extremely popular!

Fanny Packs & Satchels

Since you'll be doing a lot of exploring out on the playa, it's a good idea to keep your essential items on you at all times (wet wipes, sunglasses, handkerchief, etc.). Backpacks are usually a drag because they weigh you down but fanny packs and waist satchels are amazing. If you can find some that light-up so you can wear them at night, bonus points!

One Pieces & Bodysuits

It is in a desert but showing up in a beautiful bodysuit gives you that Burning Man outfit look that steals the show. This style is useful during the day when the temperatures are favorable. Mix this swimwear with a mask or headdress that commands that movie-like look. You will be better off in this than a warm dressing that will leave you uncomfortable all through. Just brace yourself and smile at the camera and wait to see how smashing you were when the pictures find their way to social media. One pieces with the eye-catching art will give you that feeling of owning every step you make with your Burning Man costume.

Crowns & Headwear

It has become a culture for most attendees to show up with crowns that will leave you thinking “how do you even put that on?” That is the essence of radical self-expression. Get yourself a crown whether floral or made of feathers to give your head a festival look. It is way cooler to make your crown somehow conspicuous and command that feeling of awe in those who see you. You can choose to be conservative and get a crown that matches what you are wearing or get radical and have on a total opposite of your Burning Man outfits. A simple head wrap, headscarf, or Cosmic Hood can also do the trick!


You can accentuate your look by going for a variety of legwear, for instance light up leg wraps or fluffies for the night or colorful fluffies during the day that match your Burning Man outfit. These items are often a show of confidence and a fulfillment of self-expression.

Guys Outfits

Besides the accessories that you pick on, being a guy means you can dress crazier than everyone. Get the jewelry that defines how you feel and rocks this temporary community. Tank tops are a great way to express yourself and so make sure you get that design that will leave a mark. It could be that Cosmic Hood or dope short sleeved 3 piece suit that will bring out the real you. If you would like to show your six pack, then go in for that design that makes it seamlessly possible. Remember to accessorize with sunglasses, goggles, metallic tattoos, and light-up accessories for your Burning Man costume!

These ideas for outfits are to make your choice of outfit for the upcoming playa festival easier and more impactful. It is a one-week festival, and so you have the freedom to shine in every outfit you desire. Have an amazing time and we’ll see you under the moonlight!


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