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Lights are glowing. Beats are bumping. Bodies are bouncing. In case you’re in the mood for bright, colorful, fun stuff, you’ve come to the right place. For us, it’s always EDM season. Here, we focus on rave clothes that ravers can depend on. This lifestyle is not for the weak and meek - and straight up needs proper gear, right? From hats to halters to post-rave supplements, Raverswag’s got rave clothing and rave stuff for whatever you get into.


You lovely ladies know that you can’t just throw on a neon hoodie and call it a night. Not when there are pink jammy packs and white fur hoods to prance around in. One of the perks of going to raves is getting to wear some seriously cute stuff. Try wearing a neon green furry hood to the grocery store. Not gonna fly. Rave style is a party of polka dots, neon, stripes, and rainbow patterns as far as the eye can see. Shopping for rave clothing is kinda fun here. Something about all the colorful choices. Your wardrobe is about to get its fix.


Electric ties? Um, yes please. Glowing hoodies? Duh. Raverswag’s got clothes in L and XL sizes for the guys. We’ve got rave themed tanks that keep you cool as you rage the night out. Feel like getting wired? Grab cool rave gear like wire kits and sound responsive battery packs. Hop around like a radioactive robot? Sure. Why not? 


Bass plus glowing neon colors equals heaven. Not to mention it’s like Rave Life 101. One of the most addictive things about rave stuff is that so much of it glows in the dark. If you’ve ever felt the wonderful sensation of neon light buzz through your brain while going nuts on the floor...well then you know what we mean. Strap on a neon belt or a pair of furry, glowing leg warmers, a.k.a. “FLUFFIES.” Feel like having a neon chest for the night? We’ve got you covered with a glow-in-the-dark bikini top. If we have something here, chances are we also have it in glow colors!


Amongst you all out there, there are a handful of you who have an inexplicable obsession with furry rave clothing. If it’s fluffy, soft, and resembles something from an animal, you are straight up in love. You fluff enthusiasts are special, and we know that. Check it out - we’ve got scarves that turn your hands into paws. We’ve got glowing fur leg warmers. The fur collection here is wild, just like you.


It’s the little stuff that counts, right? We think so. That’s why we’ve got all these rave clothing accessories for you. Furs and glasses and lashes, oh my! Belts and fanny packs and hair color chalk? Check, check, and check. Browse our accessories collection and find gear designed specifically for raves. Rave clothing and gear around here comes in a burst of colors - and most of it glows too.