Rave bottoms are taken to a whole new level at RaverSwag. We understand how important the perfect raver bottom is to you, so we give you endless options. Categories include: Booty Shorts, Bikini Bottoms, Tutus, Feathered Skirts, Rompers, and Leggings!

With choices like these, you’ll be sure to find rave bottoms that you love. Explore thro...

  • Shorts & Bottoms
    Shorts & Bottoms

    Rave booty shorts are a staple piece for any EDM girl. We bring you tons of designs and colors so there is something for everyone. Stretchy spandex, lycra, polyester and nylon, assure that these quality rave shorts will stay put while flattering your behind in the best way possible. Most of our raver booty shorts have a scrunch butt design, which we all know and love. Size options are available in majority of our bottoms. If they are one size fits all, side ties are built in to customize your fit. We also have low rise, medium rise and high waisted looks available. Take a look through our large variety of booty shorts for raves and prepare to go crazy!

    Feel free to use your rave booty shorts either under tutus and skirts, or rock them on their own. The choice is yours. For the dainty ladies, we have shimmery Plurmaid rave booty shorts or elegant lace bottoms. For the beautifully bold, self-expression is simple with our printed raver booty shorts. They send the message for you. On your butt, which is sure to be read. The black and metallic designs might catch your eye if you like to live life dangerously.

    Let’s remind ourselves why they are called rave “booty” shorts. They feature your butt. Simple as that. Our rave booty shorts will enhance your behind in no time. Rhyme game strong right there. Aside from doing its job, our dynamic collection of raver booty shorts will surely add extra flare to any outfit!

  • Tutus

    Rave tutu heaven is here! Size options are based off of waist measurements, or one size fits all. Made with tulle and just the right amount of fluff, our collection includes:

    • Single color tutus
    • Specialty tutus
    • Light up tutus
    • Petticoats

    No matter what you’re wearing, a rave tutu will always add that extra pizazz. Need a solid color? We’ve got it. Want something more exciting? Not to worry, our specialty rave tutus have various styles, such as bustles, beaded tutus, suspender tutus and more. For all you night owls, keep your glow alive with our light up tutus. Lastly, petticoats you say? Yes, because some of us love twirling to the music. The extra bounce of a petticoat makes a girl feel nothing less than precious. Petticoats measure approximately 12 inches in length. Take a look through our grand selection of tutus for raves. Pair a rave tutu with any of our cute rave tops for a creative festival look!

    Alright, back to the suspenders for a minute. How annoying is it to have your rave tutu constantly falling off? Designed by J. Valentine, our suspender rave tutus are rage proof, meaning no matter how ham you go, you won’t have any outfit malfunctions. Other brands like Leg Avenue and Electric Styles also bring you top-notch styles that everyone will notice. A tutu that lights up will automatically turn heads. So, whether you choose to be a dainty rave ballerina or a glowing goddess, get noticed!

  • Skirts

    Feather skirts are here for the festival fashionistas! Finally, fashion meets function. An elastic waistband and side clasp hook assures your feather skirt will remain secure all day and night. Multiple size options are available to provide the best fit for you. These skirts are approximately 12 inches in length. We bring you a variety of skirts made of feathers, including edgy darks, rich colors, and soft pastels. From cascading color patterns to striking contrast, you will be sure to get that second glance. Peacock, ostrich and any other lovely styled feather skirt will give you the chance to express your creative ability. Mix and match to customize your feather costume. Explore our feathered tops for the complete outfit, or pair our feather skirts with any of our cute rave tops to show off your own personal taste.

    The known fact is we all love to shake our booty. Right? Feather skirts let you shake it, break it, and do whatever you want with it. Do it with confidence because you know the basics won’t be wearing what you are. Let’s step it up a notch and add some surprise factor at your next event. After your solo dance, we’re thinking Bird Machine is your cue, swing off your feather skirt to display an even more revealing booty shorts. Just an idea to wow the crowd. Then, start levitating off the ground while chirping. Okay, never mind that’s overdoing it. Just get out there and look hot as all hell.

  • Rompers