Rave bros - you know that raves require you to suit up from time to time. And you know that suiting up for raves means you are not going to rock your cargo shorts and hoodie. RaverSwag rave clothing for men is made for rave soldiers who dress for battle. And the thing is, if it’s not neon or bicept worthy, it’s not going t...

  • Tank Tops
    Tank Tops

    Rave tank tops come in a huge variety of styles and colors here. We know that rave tank tops are a must-have clothing item for your favorite upcoming festivals, raves, pool parties, or other social events where you need to look fresh. Made specifically for guys who love to party, browse our rave tank tops section and choose one that’s right for you. We’ve got raver tank tops in all styles and colors, so make sure to check out our insanely hot all over prints, neon colors, and graphic tanks from brands like Team Inmind, On Cue Apparel, RaverSwag and more.

    Even though we all know that if you’re wearing your rave tank top to a festival, it will probably be taken off within the very first set you listen to, especially if you’re somewhere hot as balls like the scorching desert for EDC Las Vegas. But, that is A-OK, because as long as you put your rave tank top to use, whether it be shielding your body from sunburn, soaking up sweat from the shuffle-off, or just hanging out the back of your pants, it’s all good. The rave tank tops we have in stock are guaranteed to make you stand out at your next event, so go ahead and check out all of the styles, colors, and sizes of tank tops for raves we offer and swoop the ones you like best. Then tell your friends about them. Then buy them in bulk. Then rage. Then repeat. 

  • T-Shirts

    Rave shirts should have a home in every guy's closet. Our EDM shirts come in crew neck, v-neck, and long sleeve styles. Brands like Into The AM, On Cue Apparel and Team InMind bring you tons of printed, graphic raver shirts to choose from. Our rave t-shirts come in various different colors in order to switch up your style. Size options are available to get the perfect fit. Most of our rave shirts are 100% cotton quality American Apparel tees for your comfort. They are machine washable, so it’s easy to get all the rave sweat off after embracing the layers of filth.

    Some of our rave shirts are a little ballsy. While browsing our raver shirts, you might come across prints with drug references, sexual phrases and other things society might not deem appropriate on a t-shirt. Should we apologize… or nah? On the other hand, we have deeper, meaningful rave shirts along with amazing artistic graphics. The power of expression is at your grasp here. Sometimes letting our clothes speak for us is fun. It also doesn’t get us in as much trouble if we were to say certain things out loud in public.

    The best part about all of these raver shirts is that they can be worn for numerous occasions. Sport these tees at raves, parties, and any other event where raging occurs. Who knows, some of these shirts may be the cause of striking up “friendly” conversation with that girl you’ve been eyeing all night.

  • Long Sleeve Shirts
    Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Guy's Accessories
    Guy's Accessories

    Rave gear for guys gives your outfit that extra edge. Sure, you could throw on the usual shorts and tank, but why not take it a step further. Brands ravers appreciate, like Electric Styles, Watch Me Rave, C4 Belts and more bring us awesome light up rave gear for guys. Our rave accessories for guys include:

    -- Light up hats
    -- Light up ties
    -- LED watches
    -- Neon belts

    We already know hats are great rave gear for guys. During the day, they keep the sun out of our eyes, and at night, the sweaty hair out of our face. Browse our rave gear for guys section and choose from a variety of different neon light up colors. Better yet, get one with your favorite dance music word on it. To all you gentlemen out there, you can now wear ties to raves. You always could, but the fact that our ties light up is the real kicker. Look sharp at your next event with classy rave gear for men. Choose which color neon light up tie looks best on you. Moving on to our watches. Although we love getting lost in lala land, some of us like to keep track of time so we don’t miss our favorite sets. LED watches will make your rave life easier. No more fumbling through your stuff to find your phone to check the time. Plus, they look sick! Also, don’t forget our neon belts. They will help you keep your pants on. Until later… As you can see, raver gear for guys can be functional and add instant swag!

  • Party Suits
    Party Suits