Rave gear is essential in the festival world if you want to make an impact. Clothing is important, of course, however rave accessories take you over the top. Our rave gear includes backpacks, fanny packs, sunglasses, hats, furry hoods, and much more! You name it, we have it. Perfect for dance music lovers, we feature raver gear designed by brand...

  • Fanny Packs
    Fanny Packs

    Rave fanny pack heaven is upon you. We all know life at a rave is better with a festival fanny pack. It’s convenient, reliable, and has been an ongoing trend for party people. With our large variety of styles and colors, you’ll be able to find one that fits your look in no time. We’ve taken the rave fanny pack to another level and have backpacks available for you as well. We give you options here:

    -- Backpacks
    -- Neon Fanny Packs
    -- Guatemalan Fanny Packs
    -- Jammy Packs
    -- Specialty Packs

    Backpacks have plenty of room for all your festival needs. We’ve made them the right size with neon and furry options, of course. If you go all out, then you know your bag needs to be just as legit as your attire. Our neon rave fanny packs are a great go-to bag for any festival head. Choose from multiple neon colors. Grab a blank one to design yourself, or choose a printed word that expresses your personality. To add a little more style, go for the Guatemalan raver fanny packs. These have a trendy look and are sick on both guys and girls. An even more noticeable rave fanny pack is one with USA flag print or even sequins. These are for the people who refuse to go unnoticed. It’s now possible to bring the beats wherever you go! With all of these and more, you get more than just a festival fanny pack. Use your rave fanny pack to enhance your experiences and always keep it stylish.
  • Sunglasses

    Rave glasses come in so many styles and colors here! You should brace yourself now because some of these will blow your mind (while shopping, but mainly at the rave). Our party shades won’t let you down with ultra durable frames and a comfortable, lightweight feel. Most of our raver glasses come with a microfiber pouch to keep them clean and streak free. Our glasses for raves include:

    -       Diffraction glasses

    -       Light Up Glasses

    -       Print Pinhole Glasses

    -       Specialty Glasses

    -       Hello Kitty Glasses

    Diffraction rave glasses will have you balls deep in a world of rainbows. These are high quality tested diffraction infused lenses aka made to trip you out. These raver glasses will enhance your festival experience, especially during light shows, laser beams, and all LED stages. Our light up raver glasses will electrify your night with EL wire designs powered by discreet battery packs. Choose from multiple styles, colors, and light modes. These include steady lights and strobe speeds. Most of them have clear lenses or no lens for better sight at night. Pinhole rave glasses are pretty underrated if you ask us. Our selection features dance music words, phrases, pictures, and some of the sickest artistic photos you’ll ever see on a pair of shades. Our pinhole glasses are water and scratch resistant with 100% UV protection. In our specialty rave glasses, you’ll find even more unique EDM inspired styles. Yes, we also have a section just for Hello Kitty glasses. Why not?
  • Hats & Snapbacks
    Hats & Snapbacks

    Rave hats always keep your swag game strong. We have great options for you, including neon snapbacks, light up raver hats, and specialty costume hats. Brands like Electric Styles and Olive & Pique help you upgrade your style with some dope designs. Our rave hats are one size fits all with customizable notches to adjust to your head.

    Wear your neon snapbacks any way you want. Front, sideways, or backwards depending on your mood and desired look. Bright colors always bring more life to any outfit. Choose to be expressive with words or go for an intricate design. The great thing about neon is that it looks great on guys and girls. It might even make you look tan in the winter. Want to glow even more? Our light up rave hats keep sun and sweat out of your eyes during the day and electrify your style at night. Our light up hats have bright EL wire lining and some even spell out your favorite EDM terms. For more specific outfits to complete, check out our costume hats.

    Aside from looking good, rave hats require less hair maintenance for both guys and girls. We get sweaty, really sweaty. We understand that not everyone cares about how their hair looks while raving, but for those of you who do this is an additional perk. Throwing a rave hat on will tame your locks from going completely bananas. Girls especially know the rat nest feeling of post rave hair that takes about 2 weeks to detangle. Problem solved!
  • Hoods

    Furry hoods allow you to be any person, animal, or crazy creature you wish! We have animal hoods, neon hoods, and light up hoods for you to choose from. Our hoods are made with extremely soft faux fur. In fact, they’re so soft that your fellow ravers might cop a fur hood feel while passing by. In a friendly way, of course. Our furry hoods have a comfortable inside lining that isn’t itchy or scratchy towards your skin. You can always count on your fur hood to keep your warm because they cover your ears and some include hand pockets, which may also double as your animal paws. These pockets are also great for storing things, such as sunglasses, chapstick, vicks inhalers, etc. One size fits all and various unisex designs make our fur hoods great for any raver.

    An animal furry hood will release your animal instinct. Explore our different animal choices and colors to best represent you. Transform into your spirit animal and feel free! For more quirky styles, check out our neon furry hoods. From fun monsters to sexy creatures, these will help you get weird in the best way possible. If you want to glow in the night, the light up hoods are the way to go. They feature bright LED lights and with multiple light up settings. As you can see, the options are limitless here. Enhance your next outfit with one of our furry hoods. Whether you care about function or fashion, you will surely be satisfied.

  • More

    Rave store awesomeness involves light up watches, EL wire kits, glow fur, rave recovery, and RaverSwag gift cards! Our rave store will be the icing on the top of your cake. After all, our goal is to be the ultimate one-stop shop for all EDM lovers, providing you with everything you need. You’ve picked out your clothing and accessories, so now is the time to complete your online experience at our rave shop. Shopping for yourself is always a good time, but if you’re feeling extra PLUR our raver store is a great place to shop for lovers and friends too!

    Our rave store carries light up watches that will definitely set you apart from the rest. Time is important if you want to catch all your favorite sets. EL wire kits give you the freedom to create anything that glows. Anything! Go ahead and create crazy light designs because you can. Our glow fur section includes all of your favorite furry festival accessories enhanced with bright EL wire lights.

    Now, we can’t forget about taking care of ourselves. Rave recovery makes a world of a difference. Browse our rave store to see all of the options you have to improve your health and wellness before and after raves. Shopping for a friend? We understand that sometimes you don’t want to take the risk of buying the wrong style, color, or size for a gift. Let them decide for themselves. Pick up gift cards at our raver store and guarantee their satisfaction. You can’t go wrong with a gift card!